Monthly Cost

You can use Pearl on as many PCs within the practice as you wish, we charge by the number of surgeries not the number of PCs

1 surgery £52 per month
2 surgeries £78 per month
3 surgeries £104 per month
4 surgeries £130 per month
5 surgeries £156 per month
6+ surgeries Please call 0116 275 9995

The price includes the licence for the software, all future upgrades and technical support, telephone, email and remote access. Prices exclude VAT.

Installation & Training

For practices based in the UK we provide an installation and training day from £575.00 plus VAT.

This gives you and your staff the opportunity to train in using the system with one of our programmers on site to assist you.

We can also transfer data from most existing dental practice management systems, plan provider systems and from information provided by the Dental Practice Board itself.

Online Backup

As an optional extra, Baker Heath can provide you with secure, encrypted online backup.

Practices are responsible for backing up their data. We can provide safe and secure online backup, starting from £223.00 plus VAT per year.

This will run automatically at a set time during the day. You just need to monitor your email inbox and if you aren't informed that your backup is successful then contact us as soon as possible.

Digital Signing Pads

Become a completely paperless practice by using digital signature pads.

After purchasing and installing a digital signing pad, Pearl will enable your patients to sign FP17DC, medical history & NHS exemption forms and private treatment estimates.

Signature pads can be purchased from MBI Technologies.

Touchscreen Check-In

Save queues forming at reception with our touchscreen check-in feature.

When a patient checks themselves in, the practitioner will be notified of their arrival.

This is available at no additional monthly cost, but you will need to purchase a touchscreen enabled computer in order to utilise the feature.

Hardware Purchase

Practices are free to purchase their own PCs, however we do provide computer hardware in addition to our software should you wish to purchase your PCs through Baker Heath. We have put together two PCs that we believe will suit your needs...



This is a tiny PC that fits on the back of an LCD or LED monitor. It is only 11 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm.

The BHA Nano is made by Intel and contains a dual core i3 processor, 4Gb fast DDR-3 Memory and a .5Tb hard drive. It has a gigabit network output as well as HDMI graphics, audio and four USB 3 ports.

BHA Micro PC

BHA Micro PC

This PC is exactly the same specification as the BHA Nano except it has a faster 3.4 GHz i3 processor and an internal CD Rewriter.

You may wish to use this PC as a peer to peer server or in the surgery if you want to run more demanding X-Ray software. This is still a very small PC 26cm high, 26cm deep and 11cm wide, it would hide behind a monitor.

Hanns G 21.5" Monitor

Hanns G 21.5" Monitor

We supply this 21.5" LED monitor with our PCs. It is Full HD 1920 x 1080 and the picture is crystal clear. Price £95 + VAT.

BHA Synology Server

BHA Synology Server

If you have 4 or more PCs you may wish to use a dedicated server. Baker Heath have configured the Synology range of 'Network Attached Storage' devices to suit the surgery.

The top of the range Synology 713+ model can use 2 bonded Gigabit network cables to give an unbeatable throughput. We put 4Tb high cache Red Western Digital drives inside configured as mirrored hot swap drives. The unit can back itself up to the cloud and to a local USB drive, install it and forget it.