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About Us

Pearl Dental Software has been used as ‘practice management’ software since 1993. It has undergone changes from a DOS based system to a Windows based system on the way.

Pearl has had remarkable success in the UK since 2006, we have been continuously installing systems ever since we started our ‘technology based approach’ to marketing at the end of 2006. About 80% of practices have swapped to Pearl from their existing system.

PearlPlus is our very latest incarnation of Pearl software. Pearl has had a complete rewrite based on the considerable and welcomed feedback we have received from practices, that is why we say ‘Software designed by you!’ – because it really is!

Because of advances in technology, we can now offer PearlPlus as private practice management software to all English speaking countries outside the UK as well as to mixed NHS and private practices in the UK.


  • Patient Records

  • Diary

  • Accounts

  • Charting And Treatment Plans

  • Recalls And Reminders

  • Medical History

  • Clinical Notes

  • Basic Periodontal Examination