Main Features

Patient Record

Set preferred contact method from mail, text, email or phone

User defined fields can be used to tailor to your practice's individual needs

'Sticky notes' enable prominent markers on records

Automatic family grouping - based on address, not surname

Find patients using any field

Flagging system allows you to see the information you need to know about the patient at a glance, such as money owed, future appointments, medical conditions and more

Import files or scan images into patient folders


Choose from 5, 10 or 15 minute appointment slots

Customise your practice and practitioners' working times

Set up reserve items to suit your requirements, such as staff meeting, emergencies etc.

Easily manage dual bookings with a side-by-side diary

Optimise your diary space using the "Find A Slot" tool

Book family appointments based on individual or overall duration

Patient Accounts

Full patient transaction history

Transaction are classified as NHS, private or sundry

Payments classified as Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Direct Debit, Standing Order, Bank Transfer or BACS

'Bad Debt Write-Off' ensures that ledgers are accurate

Keep an audit trail of staff adding, editing or deleting financial transactions

Financial reporting to allow the Practice Manager access to all financial information they may need

Facility to turn on 'Debt Chasing' if you want Pearl to manage unpaid accounts on an individual basis

Treatment Plans

Full set of charting symbols as taught to dental nurses

Additional practice specific treatments can easily be added to cater to your requirements

Designed by dentists; implemented by us to give even a first time user confidence

Save hours in surgery by utilising the Clinical Notes' "Auto Text" feature - create and use your own frequently used notes

Treatment plans and FP17DCs are automatically generated from your charting

Add a bill to the patient's accounts, close the treatment plan and generate an automatic FP17 in one button click

Seamlessly integrate digital X-ray software to allow quick access to your radiographs during surgery


Complete UDA reconciliation system and Practice UDA counter

Reports designed by and catered to dentists; get UDA reports broken down by contract, practitioner, band, status, etc.

Digitally sign your FP17PR forms to reduce paper usage

Active in the NHS dental contract reform with an operational software for Pilot sites

What does Pearl offer my practice?

In short, everything! Pearl is a complete practice management solution for both Private and NHS Practices

Here are four reasons why you should choose Pearl as your new dental management system:


Simple To Use

Pearl has an interface that allows for ease of use, even for a first time user. Once you have grasped the basics of Pearl, you will be able to use the entire system.



Because we do not pay sales personal and use the internet to advertise, Pearl is so inexpensive compared to other dental management systems.


Paperless Practice

With additions to our software such as digital signing pads, you can become a completely "Paperless Practice".


Unrivaled Support

We take great pride in the levels of support that we offer our customers. You will speak with a programmer directly who will, with your permission, access your PC so that misunderstandings are eliminated and you can both view the screen and control the keyboard and mouse.


I feel really lucky to have had you for the NHS pilot, thanks for being so thorough with all of this - really appreciated

Colin Langley
(Church Street Dental Surgery, Hull)

Thanks to you we have converted seamlessly to Pearl without the pain I was dreading. I would also pay tribute to your support staff who are always available.

Dr Peter Tan
(Tan Dental Practice, London)

Pearl have revolutionised dental software and have made the uptake of information very user friendly

Prasanta Banerjee
(Queensway Dental Practice, Milton Keynes)

I have used Pearl Dental Software for many years and have always found the software very suitable and flexible to my needs. I would recommend Pearl to any dental practice.

Mr Reza Badeli
(Deva Dental Clinic, Chester)